Bollywood Shayari - Best Bollywood Shayari

Love is a familiar word for all of us. Isn't it?
It is felt in every heart, There are various synonyms of love, such as affection, attachment, devotedness, devotion, fondness, passion etc. Out of these words, when love is for lover and girlfriend, we use love most often. It has no form, shape and body, it is just a pure, sweet and beautiful feeling of the heart. The feeling of love is soft and thrilling both. When a sense of reverence is associated with this love, it becomes a sense of devotion. Therefore, love is considered to be worship. In love, religion, caste, colour, race, doesn't matter. All Everything is equal in love.

Surely, lovers see all the colours of life in the eyes of their love. They discover Heaven in the arms of his/her beloved.

love matters in the life of a person because love is life. True love is like a herb that keeps the relationship alive. The world is incomplete without love.

Love is Bollywood's favourite topic to make movies on. We can see that Bollywood is making love stories for more than 80 years. And we love to see such movies. I have been a fan of Bollywood and Bollywood is surely the best thing happened to India. We got movies we got songs we got beautiful lyrics from Bollywood and today we are proud of it.

If Bollywood was not there we won't be humming these beautiful songs.
If Bollywood was not there we won't be humming this beautiful Poetry.
If Bollywood was not there we won't be humming this beautiful music composition.
We should be grateful for this.
Today we are here with some beautiful Shayari of Bolywood.

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