Best Friend Shayari In Hindi 2020 ! Top Friendship dosti Shayri

Have you ever thought, How boring this life would be if didn't have friends? We would have lost somewhere just like this Quarantine. India and the world is facing lockdown and we are all stuck in our home. We can't go out of our homes and we cant hang out. We can't go and watch a movie with our friends we cant have fun. Life is unpredictable friends. When things can change, We have no idea. We have no idea what the store has in for us.

Just a few days ago I was roaming and having fun with my friends. We were happy, We packed some food and then went for a long drive out of our city and then had a picnic there, We talked about a lot of things from politics to music to sharing our fear and deepest thoughts.

But we never realize that these are the best days guys these are days what we live for. We should always be grateful for what we have and we should never underestimate the things we own. Because change is constant and it can change any time, we don't know what future holds for us.
What you should do in this time?

1. Spend time with your family
2. Learn a new skill
3. Read books
4. write something daily
5. you can also write something on this lockdown
6. Start a blog
7. learn to cook
8. Learn to meditate
9. Read poetry
10. Here are some poetry on friendship for you to send your friends